Cost Effective SEO Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Cost Effective SEO Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Struggling with a tight marketing budget to promote your small business? Here’s some good news in the form of great cost-effective SEO marketing tips for small businesses, to get noticed and grow.

Table of contents:

  • Make your own instructional video
  • Read up on video making 
  • Videos are great marketing tools
  • Publish impactful blogs 
  • Make your blogs count
  • Make your own infographics
  • Be subtle with branding
  • Crank up some old online data
  • Recycle redundant blogs
  • Refresh your own blogs
  • Use ‘word of mouth, a powerful tool
  • Plan an online contest
  • Limited budget local marketing ideas

Essential and Affordable SEO Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Make Your Own Instructional Video

Getting a professional to turn out your promotional YouTube video is costly, although we all know the value of a good promotional video to promote a small business. You can get creative and try dabbling in the art of video creation yourself; check out the helpful tutorials Wistia offers for shooting professional quality videos on your iPhone!

Read up on Video Making 

Try reading up on how to turn out a professional video to steal the attention of your prospects. There’s plenty of content out there offering the right tips for anyone to make an impressive video, even with a smartphone. 

Videos are Great Marketing Tools

An impactful video done by you is a great low budget marketing tool, which will help increase your websites conversion rate; which in other words means the conversion of visitors into customers. A good video is the perfect tool to lure interested parties to check out your website. And with savings you make on creating your own video, why not get the help of a digital marketing agency in Colombo to manage traffic on your website. SEO Agency Guides: How To Increase Websites Conversion Rates is a great read, to learn about website conversion tools!

Publish Impactful Blogs 

Creative content that highlights your small business is a great mileage earner. Plenty of help is available out there for getting updated on SEO marketing tips for small businesses

Make your Blogs Count

Keep in mind that you’ve got one shot at impressing visitors with your blog! Research shows that almost 80% of visitors to your site don’t come back! So, grab the opportunity and make sure you’ve got some impactful words out there, that warrant them registering with you via email, comments or by joining your social media page!

Learn how to use blogs as successful marketing tools for your small business by reading up on top articles; one of the best is Colombo SEO agencies guide to using blogs as a free marketing tool listed on This comprehensive article will educate you on turning out successful and impactful blogs, even if you are not savvy with the words or SEO strategies for gaining mileage online.

Make Your Own Infographics

You must understand that infographics are very powerful tools.
Very alluring and visually colourful, infographics are ideal tools for increasing referral traffic to your website, as well as, promoting links. Since infographics are easy to understand people tend to share them more. But creating an infographic with help from a professional is again not a budget friendly option. Hence, a DIY infographic will help you save while getting the job done, easier said than done when you’ve got no experience making your own infographic. However, there are some websites out there offering free advice on DIY infographics; and sites are a few worth checking out!

Be Subtle with Branding

Keep in mind that building up awareness of your brand must be done in a subtle easy to digest context; and while SEO marketing agents in Colombo offer a range of invaluable assistance to small businesses in Sri Lanka; you can start off by looking for free advice offered and low budget marketing ideas for small businesses via blogs on digital content marketing sites. Read up as much as you can and your infographic will soon start to fall into place.

Crank up Some Old Online Data

Looking for some cost-effective marketing initiatives? Why not grab some old content off the web and breathe in some new life by creating your own blog! It’s a super saver in terms of not having to dole out big bucks for content writers to create your company blogs. 

Recycle Redundant Blogs

Lots of data studies available online have already lost their initial pull, all you have to do is some tweaking once you find articles that relate to your business. Fine tune the blog by taking the most interesting and important parts of the study and highlighting them. You can add in some impressive visuals and charts as well as your thoughts and advice based on the data available.

Best of all you don’t have to be a writer for this; simply learn the art of altering what’s already there by adding your end of the research and impressive stats. Make sure your sources are credible and are listed, while not forgetting to offer credit when and where its due!

Refresh Your Own Blogs

Just as you would modify someone else’s old data online; your old content can be given a new lease of life. For example, you could gather the best of your old blogs and transform them into a valuable eBook, and why not take those webinar videos and create some interesting video tutorials, remember we discussed about the importance of informative videos, and there is no cheaper marketing strategy for a small business than recycling old material for new mileage. Keep in mind there are lots more people out there who missed your content the first time around, which means a rehashed set of videos and blogs etc. will be garnering a fresh new audience for your business.

Use ‘word of Mouth, a Powerful Tool

Use your existing customers as marketing tools; develop a customer referral programme where your present customers are given benefits in the form of a rewards scheme. Offer a free month of services or maybe a free product for referring new customers to your business. Word of mouth is a powerful tool in the world of business marketing; make sure you get the best mileage out of it.

Plan an Online Contest

Online competitions are hard to resist for most consumers. And if you are really tight on budget keep in mind that the gifts too can be simple; branded umbrellas, backpacks or water bottles are some of the simple items that lure participants and potential customers to your business. You could get help from to learn about managing your giveaways online or look for help from a digital SEO marketing agent in Colombo.

Limited Budget Local Marketing Ideas

Local marketing ideas are simple and extremely cost-effective for small business marketing on a limited budget. If yours is a start-up or small company consider the following ideas;

  • Create some flamboyant business cards that get you noticed
  • Host an event and give it publicity with flyers and community bulletin boards
  • Have a business card draw and ask customers to drop in their cards to win gifts (great to build a database)
  • Go for email marketing, as a means to reach out to new customers and update old ones

Understand the Importance of Online Marketing

Before checking out the tips listed here, make sure to read up on Website marketing for small businesses: SEO company in Colombo Sri Lanka to learn about choosing the right digital company to market your small business, the importance of online marketing and much more!

Are you inspired enough to take your small business marketing strategies to the next level? It’s not all about spending big bucks as this article points out! Happy planning!