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Creating An Exceptional Customer Experience With Your Website

Many businesses focus their attention on gaining traffic, but it is equally important to make your website user-friendly and create an easy flowing customer experience. First impressions are everything, and a visitor is more likely to become a customer if you offer them an exceptional experience.


Digital Marketing Agency Tips

Make your site stand out from the competition by creating scannable long-form content, engaging with your customers via newsletters, and incorporating modern design elements. Customer experience is no longer just about touch-points. It’s about how a customer interacts with a brand at all points along the buyer journey.


Don’t forget about the customer journey

The customer journey covers multiple types of communication channels such as websites, social media, email and chats. Therefore, it is important to monitor this feedback, analyze, and take action to improve the customer journey.


Creating an Exceptional Customer Journey for Small Businesses in Colombo

In this article:

  • Creating a user-friendly website
  • Review existing website content 
  • Effective customer journey mapping


Creating a User-Friendly Website

A successful website design should be focused on the visitor and how the website can help them locate the right information and encourage them to take action. Pick a modern website design that’s easy to navigate, loads fast, and offers a cohesive color scheme. Most of today’s best website builders such as Wix, Square Space, and Bold Grid consist of modern design elements. Hubspot says that the most important web design factors for satisfactory customer experience such as making sure that your company’s contact information is clearly visible, linking your logo to the homepage in order to improve navigation, and incorporating an artistic design. Making your contact information easy to find helps to build trust and authenticity. Make your site user-friendly, and your visitors will be more likely to turn into paying customers and repeat visitors.


Review Existing Website Content

You need to update your content so that it engages visitors and converts them into customers by acknowledging who they are what they do, what kind of information they are looking for and how you can help them. This is an extremely important task for small businesses that are looking to enhance their customer engagement. Without fully understanding your customer’s journey, it is impossible to create the right kind of content for your audience, let alone map it correctly to each stage. 


Effective Customer Journey Mapping

A key element of effective customer engagement is personas. When you are equipped with refined and fluid personas, marketing and sales teams can influence consumers online and in turn improve the customer experience. Accurate buyer personas are the basis of an effective customer journey map. You might already have the basics covered when it comes to information about your personas’ age, household income, marital status, location, gender, but there are other important data you need such as; how do they learn about products/services? What do they engage with in relation to your competitors? And what types of content formats they engage with.