Impacts of GDPR and Wordpress

Impacts of GDPR and WordPress: Small Business Website Design Colombo

This article contains key facts to help small business owners to understand the impacts of GDPR for WordPress small business owners. Marketing agencies and platforms such as WordPress can be incorporated in website design for small businesses.  A website would be considered targeted marketing and the GDPR will apply if the webpage references EU residents. A company that has identified a market in an EU country and has localized Web content should review their Web operations. On the other hand, it is possible that you will need to disclose all added information if you’ are an SMB, as you are only exempt from doing so if you process EU residents occasionally. Any website, despite of physical location that accepts data from the EU would be affected by this law. Thus they are in need of compliance. 


Impacts of GDPR and WordPress for Small Business Owners

In this article:


  • Marketing agencies and website design
  • The GDPR and how it impacts Small Businesses 
  • The WordPress platform



Marketing Agencies and Website Design

Choosing a Marketing agency is extremely important when it comes to web design for small businesses. Your web design partner will be responsible for designing and developing your Website, as well as the first impression a customer will have about your business. You also need to look into whether they have experience developing websites for your particular industry. Your agency partner should have procedures in place to make the design and development process straightforward and easy, ongoing marketing services to help grow your business, and a team of experts to help make sure your website meets your goals and needs.


The GDPR and How It Impacts Small Businesses

The GDPR was introduced in the form the Data Protection Act 2018 and governs any business that deals with data belonging to EU residents, changing the way businesses gather and store information in a way that protects the privacy of the individual. The GDPR is designed to give EU residents greater control over their personal information. The GDPR requires companies to know what they are doing with personal data, how data is being processed and used and allow people to see what data companies have Therefore, it is important to update or create your Website Privacy Policy to cover what data you collect, how you collect it and how EU residents can request to amend or delete data, any third party data processors such as PayPal and their privacy policies, as well as who to contact for questions.


The WordPress Platform

When designing a website it is important to use the WordPress platform which is one of the most commonly used platforms for websites.  WordPress uses the best technologies and is simple to use for all levels of computer users. It also allows you to customize your website exactly the way you need.  Another feature is the large range of Plug-ins available for WordPress which allows you to do anything you want with your website from online timetables, galleries, online chat, and online store among many other options.