Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a critical factor that influences the success of your organization. It directly impacts the actions and outcomes of your leaders and employees daily. Aptara recognizes the significance of employee engagement and offers a collaborative initiative called Engaging Employees. This program measures engagement drivers and engagement itself, allowing you to identify and address gaps within your organization. By equipping your leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge, we empower them to lead in a way that increases engagement and drives lasting results. 

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Aptara’s Deliverable Outlines: 

    1. Surveys:
    • Engagement Survey (Unique to Aptara): Our engagement survey directly measures the level of employee engagement within your organization. It goes beyond measuring engagement drivers and enables you to analyze engagement at the department and group levels, uncovering pockets of disengagement that require attention.
    • Engagement Driver Survey: Aptara conducts a comprehensive survey of engagement drivers. This survey provides valuable insights into the factors influencing employee engagement and recommends real-time applications to measure engagement and its drivers.
    • Stay Survey (Unique to Aptara): Our stay survey focuses on understanding the reasons why your employees choose to stay with your company. By identifying these factors, Aptara helps leaders have meaningful discussions with their direct reports, fostering a supportive environment.
    1. Communications:
    • Meeting with Leader before Training: Aptara facilitates a meeting between leaders and employees before training sessions. During this meeting, key details about the training are shared, the current engagement situation is discussed, and the benefits of the training for participants, teams, departments, and the organization culture are highlighted. Clear expectations are set for completing the training and identifying actionable items.
    • Pre-work Before the Live Training: Employees are provided with pre-work materials to familiarize themselves with the training topics and prepare for the sessions.
    • Live Training Sessions: Aptara delivers engaging and informative training sessions on employee engagement. These sessions define engagement, emphasize its importance and impact, explore strategies for increasing engagement within employees, and encourage participants to take action.
    • Meeting with Leader after Training: Following the training sessions, leaders meet with their teams to discuss key learnings, identify action items, and outline the support available for achieving them.
    1. 24/7 Resource Site Access: Aptara provides participants with access to a dedicated resource site, ensuring continuous learning and reinforcement beyond the training sessions. This resource site serves as a hub for engagement-related materials, tools, and resources, enabling employees to further enhance their understanding and application of engagement strategies.
    2. Reinforcements: Aptara integrates reinforcement activities into the initiative to solidify learning and ensure its application in the workplace. These reinforcements are designed to sustain organizational culture over time.
    3. Full Learning Transfer/Application Model (Unique to Aptara): Aptara utilizes a full learning transfer/application model, setting it apart from other providers. This model guarantees successful application and outcomes of the training. While most learning initiatives have an 80% failure rate and the successful ones only improve performance by 40-50%, our model ensures 100% success and a remarkable 80-90% improvement in desired performance levels.

Employee Engagement

Employees are your most important asset and your largest investment. Engagement affects every action of every one of your leaders and employees every day. Engagement is about capturing your employees’ heads and their hearts.


Aptara can collaboratively launch a critically important initiative, Engaging Employees, that measures your engagement drivers as well as engagement directly—and helps you address each of the driver gaps.


Your leaders must lead differently than they are currently to increase engagement.  To do that, your leaders need to effectively learn how to and apply new knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Aptara’s Deliverable Outlines




Engagement Survey – Unique to Aptara – Aptara measures engagement directly and not just the drivers of engagement. You can drill down into the department and group level of survey data to uncover pockets of disengagement.


Engagement Driver Survey – Aptara surveys engagement drivers—and recommends applications that measure engagement and drivers on a real-time basis.


Stay Survey – Unique to Aptara – Aptara measures what causes your employees to stay at your company. Aptara also enables leaders to have a ‘Stay discussion’ with their direct reports.




Meeting with Leader before Training:

  • Training details
  • Current engagement situation
  • What’s in it for the participant, team, department, company, customers
  • Expectations to complete training and identify action items


Pre-work Before the Live Training:


Live Training Sessions:

  • Define engagement
  • Engagement’s importance/impact
  • What increases engagement
  • Taking action


Meeting with Leader after Training:

  • Key learnings
  • Action items
  • How they will achieve them/be supported


24/7 Resource Site Access




Full Learning Transfer/Application Model



Unique to Aptara —Aptara uses the full learning transfer/application model to ensure application and success.  Without it, 80% of learning initiatives fail, and the 20% that do succeed only improves performance 40-50%. With it, 100% of training succeeds and improves performance 80-90%+ of desired levels.

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