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Network Design & Administration

Your network is the backbone of your operations, and even a hairline fracture can impact your employees’ ability to do their job.


Aptara places network professionals at businesses just like yours. Our network security and operations analysts can handle any client/server network operating system and every network protocol, as well as VoIP and wireless networking and virtualization.

If you’re starting from scratch, our specialists can design and architect the right network for your operations. Once your network and file servers are in place, our analysts will handle their administration and maintenance, including firewall management, penetration testing, intrusion detection, and virus protection. Our disaster recovery analysts ensure your network is backed up and that your continuity planning and documentation is airtight.

Getting down to business

Though our consultants remain on our payroll, they become a seamless extension of your operations—right down to their email addresses and the employee orientation they receive. They get to know you, your business, and the way you like to work.


Our professionals are available for a single long-term project, many shorter projects over the long term, or an open-ended engagement. By nimbly accommodating the ebbs and flows of your workload, Aptara takes the variability out of expense planning.

Our business is finding the right professionals for your business.

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