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Project Management

Without proper project management, even the best strategic plan can get derailed.


Whether you’re rolling out a new editorial system, implementing a new workflow companywide, developing a custom application, or conducting strategic business intelligence research, you need the kind of business analysts, project leaders, and project managers that Aptara can provide.

Your business

Aptara’s consultants become an extension of your operations—right down to their email addresses and the employee orientation they receive. They get to know you, your business, and the way you like to work.


Because they remain on our payroll, you could scale up and right-size whenever necessary.


Smart business

Our professionals are available for a single long-term project, many shorter projects over the long term, or an open-ended engagement. That lets you predict expenses more easily by taking the guesswork out of planning for a workload that increases and decreases from season to season.


Our business is finding the right professionals for your business.

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