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Businesses rely on technology. But few employees are technologists.


Smart Consultants are Smart Business

Aptara’s consultants include tech and product support representatives, desktop systems coordinators, and hardware and software deployment specialists.


They ensure that the new custom app you just deployed is working worldwide, that each new employee’s PC and iPad are up and running, and that your customers are shopping, not wrangling with your website’s interface.


How can we help you?

Whether your internal customers need help averaging cells in an Excel spreadsheet, or your external customers need help selecting the right product, or you’re having trouble updating your website, Aptara will find the right support specialist to solve the problem.

Getting Down to Business

Though our consultants remain on our payroll, they become a seamless extension of your operations—right down to their email addresses and the employee orientation they receive. Our professionals get to know you, your business profile, your learning priorities, and your preferences.


Our professionals are available for a single long-term project, many shorter projects over the long term, or an open-ended engagement. By nimbly accommodating the ebbs and flows of your workload, Aptara takes the variability out of expense planning.


Our business is finding you the right professionals for your business, whoever those professionals might be:

  • Application support representatives
  • Call center associates
  • Desktop support specialists
  • Desktop systems coordinators
  • Hardware deployment specialists
  • Help desk technicians

  • Product support engineers
  • Smartphone/tablet support specialists
  • Software deployment specialists
  • Technical trainers
  • Tech support engineers
  • Tech support representatives

Because they remain on our payroll, you have the ability to scale up and right-size whenever necessary.

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