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Shareholder & Investor Support

Your investors and shareholders demand and deserve exceptional service. From share transfers and tax reports to foreign currency exchange, Aptara provides quality-controlled investor services personably, accurately, and respectfully via voice, email, and chat.


A Seamless and Complete Set of Services

Our skilled and efficient investor support specialists deliver the services your shareholders need and expect 24/7/365:

  • Account information, opening, and maintenance
  • Certificate and proxy issuance
  • Refund and nuisance-fee processing
  • Reissuing of checks

  • Responding to queries
  • Wiring of funds
  • Stock transfers
  • Tax certifications
  • Sale/purchase of shares

We utilize routine customer service surveys to ensure that we are meeting your predefined customer satisfaction benchmarks.


As a fully compliant and trusted partner, Aptara’s professional staff are trained to adopt your corporate culture and perform investor and shareholder services in your own brand’s voice and style.

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