Back-Office Process Support


LMS Administration

  • LMS Migration, Hosting, and
  • Content and User Management
  • Learning Delivery, Facilitation, and Support

Technology Support Services

  • Customer Service Helpdesk
  • Technical Support Helpdesk
  • Workflow and Process
    Optimization Specialists
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Staff Augmentation

  • LMS Evaluation and Selection
  • LMS Implementation and Integration Specialists
  • Domain Specialist Trainers

QA & Testing

  • QA Process Review and Optimization
  • Checklists and Documentation
  • Random and Planned Audits
  • External Audit Management
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Learning Management System (LMS) Services

Robust Learning Management and Administration Services with expertise in forty different (custom, open-source, and commercial) LMSs that can help you scale and productivity levels and reduce existing costs by 40%-50%.

Technology Support Services

Evaluate, redesign, and optimize learning technology ecosystems with the appropriate technology for performance goals.

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Design Capabilities for Learning Transformation

Learning experiences that deploy ID models to understand business and learner needs using design processes, technology, and learning services.


Claims Processing & Document Management

Billing, Collections, Payroll, and Insurance Claims Processing are all essential to running your business, but they can also be a distraction from doing business.


Data Compliance

In the legal and financial industries, noncompliance with reporting requirements can mean stiff penalties. In healthcare, it can mean reduced Medicare reimbursements.

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Compliant Document Design

  • New drug applications (NDA)
  • Structured product labeling
  • Public company regulatory filings, including 8-K, 10-K, and 10-Q

Classification, Validation, Coding & Tagging

Your data has been digitized and scrubbed. Now it’s time to turn that data into valuable information that can be searched, analyzed, repurposed, and monetized.


Medical Records Conversion

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Electronic Patient Records (EPRs), whatever you call them, digital health records are the new standard of care worldwide and are increasingly required by law.

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Finance & Accounting Services

It’s invoicing time again, payroll is coming up, and it’s nearly time to pay the bills.


Shareholder & Investor Document Processing

The processing of your investors’ and shareholders’ financial documents is just as important to customer satisfaction as the upfront customer support services you provide them.


Document Processing Consulting

Hidden inside transactional documents is a wealth of information: data that’s only useful once it’s digitized, structured, tagged, and made discoverable.

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Document Imaging/Data Capture

Is your business challenged with digitizing large volumes of data? Are you looking for a reliable partner who can help with Document Imaging, Data Capture and Content Conversion Services without worrying about the security and accuracy of your data?

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