Shareholder & Investor Document Processing

The processing of your investors’ and shareholders’ financial documents is just as important to customer satisfaction as the upfront customer support services you provide them.


Aptara provides quality-controlled document processing services for your most important customers accurately, quickly, and efficiently.


A Complete Set of Services

Our skilled and efficient investment support specialists deliver the documents your shareholders need and expect to facilitate transactions such as:

  • Broker/dealer cash redemption
  • Corporate action
  • Dividend options
  • DTC/broker transfer
  • Escheatment
  • Foreign currency transactions

  • Legal review
  • Sale/purchase of shares
  • Stock transfers
  • Tax certifications
  • Tax statement adjustment and delivery

We process both paper and electronic documents with the same agility and speed.


Your Trusted Partner

Our reliable, modern technology yields fast response times and efficient processing. Our ultramodern IT and networking includes locked-down database security with real-time monitoring that promotes collaboration, ensures confidentiality, and minimizes the unexpected.


As your trusted partner, Aptara’s professional document processing staff function as an extension of your own organization. We provide the same quality support services you expect from your own staff, without the hassle and expense of maintaining back-office investor relations functions in-house.

Aptara Corp

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