Infrastructure Management


LMS Administration

  • LMS Migration, Hosting, and
  • Content and User Management
  • Learning Delivery, Facilitation, and Support

Technology Support Services

  • Customer Service Helpdesk
  • Technical Support Helpdesk
  • Workflow and Process
    Optimization Specialists
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Staff Augmentation

  • LMS Evaluation and Selection
  • LMS Implementation and Integration Specialists
  • Domain Specialist Trainers

QA & Testing

  • QA Process Review and Optimization
  • Checklists and Documentation
  • Random and Planned Audits
  • External Audit Management
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Learning Management System (LMS) Services

Robust Learning Management and Administration Services with expertise in forty different (custom, open-source, and commercial) LMSs that can help you scale and productivity levels and reduce existing costs by 40%-50%.

Technology Support Services

Evaluate, redesign, and optimize learning technology ecosystems with the appropriate technology for performance goals.

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Design Capabilities for Learning Transformation

Learning experiences that deploy ID models to understand business and learner needs using design processes, technology, and learning services.


Technology Managed Services

Our managed services make it simple to nimbly scale up and right-size for any project or ongoing service, and doing so costs significantly less than providing those services in-house.


Cloud Solutions

Aptara can answer all of your questions about Cloud computing and help you determine if it’s the right technology for your workflow, budget, and applications’ hosting requirements.

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Infrastructure Support

If managing your IT infrastructure is overwhelming your tech support staff, or your tech support budget, 

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