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The Cloud unclouded

Aptara can answer all of your questions about Cloud computing and help you determine if it’s the right technology for your workflow, budget, and applications’ hosting requirements.


During our initial consultation, we examine everything from operational vs. capital expenditures, to the kind of applications you’re distributing, to the workforce you’re distributing them to. Our evaluation yields recommendations on the best way to save application deployment dollars while making it easy to quickly scale your software infrastructure up or down.


Clear sailing

If the Cloud is right for your company, Aptara can build out application solutions enabled and scaled for Cloud architecture. And we will help you migrate your enterprise, eCommerce, and multi-tenant apps to a Cloud-based hosting environment that we can then support, if you choose.


Our expertise in Cloud-based solutions can free your team from doing basic, routine maintenance and “health checks” on in-house software and hardware infrastructure, allowing them to focus instead on supporting your core business and new, value-added services.


Integration with Cloud providers

Aptara works with the premier global Cloud computing and hosting solutions: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Windows Azure, the Google Cloud platform, and L3. We’ll help you choose a vendor, smooth your company’s transition to Cloud-based app management, and consult with you about access and security concerns and definitions.


So whether you’re unsure whether cloud-based applications hosting is for you or you’re ready to harness their power, Aptara has the know-how to surpass your blue-sky projections for Cloud technology.

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