Secondary Research & Database Management

Aptara considers the nature of the data, how you’ll be using it, and how we can increase its value. Our researchers and data analysts translate your data into meaningful information in the form of concise reports and easy-to-navigate databases. Here is how-

  • Our secondary research experts can examine web pages, databases (including peer review databases), and customer feeds; comb through insurance claims, contracts, emails, and pathology reports to help locate key information; and assemble quality data, synthesizing it into practical and comprehensive reports and databases.


  • A key service is multi-tier secondary research and multi-factor collection of company information related to different portfolios. We provide our clients with information that will empower them to accelerate risk management processes related to financial, social, environmental, and governance factors. Our research service also involves due diligence processes such as sanctions screening, adverse media monitoring, and UBO/PEP investigations.


  • Our data collection approach combines manual techniques like phone call validation, online interviews, and surveys with proprietary automation tools and web scraping through customized, perpetual-motion spiders, and crawlers to find the information you want.


  • We can augment your internal data mining capabilities, make them scalable, and expand the scope of your subject matter expertise quickly and cost-effectively.


  • Aptara’s team can compile large volumes of information from databases, websites, and customer feeds, then analyze compensation and bonus plans, track IPOs, research funding programs, analyze implications of new regulations, compile lists, analyze financial statements, verify affiliations and contact details, analyze research papers in any field, and ensure data integrity on e-commerce sites.

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