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Samir Kakar


Under Samir’s leadership as President, Aptara plays a pivotal role in assisting the world’s leading corporations to navigate and profit in the digital and mobile age. Samir is a Strategy and Technology Consultant to the world’s largest corporations, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of the industry. He contributes to all aspects of strategic decision-making for Aptara and brings a long track record of operational, technological, and financial success that has resulted in Aptara’s expansion and evolution. Before this management role, Samir served as the CTO of Aptara. He has been instrumental in developing the company’s technology and solutions portfolio and the processes that support Aptara’s customers. Samir is also responsible for the vision behind Aptara’s publishing solutions and its Content Technology Development practice, as well as the design of the company’s global IT infrastructure. Samir holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Delhi and a master’s (honors) degree in Operational Research.

Mike Stacy

President, Global Enterprise

Mike leads Aptara’s Global Corporate Business Units including Learning and Performance, Professional Services, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), and Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals. As the head of Aptara’s corporate practices, Mike brings over 25 years of experience in the training industry, global outsourcing, and technology-based process improvements to deliver solutions that significantly improve performance and impact clients’ bottom lines. With deep domain expertise in building, managing, and sustaining large businesses, Mike is creating the foundation for continued growth by offering clients comprehensive global solutions. He has a proven record of accomplishments in growing business units and driving sizeable opportunities in new markets. Before he joined Aptara in 2006, Mike was a member of the executive team at PRIMEDIA, where he developed innovative learning delivery and documentation solutions. Mike also held executive positions for Ninth House Networks, Thomson Learning, and Crisp Learning.

Debashis Chaudhuri

Senior Vice President,
India Operations

Debashis Chaudhuri, better known as DC, has been an architect of Aptara’s success for almost three decades. He has served in senior positions for several divisions, including digital solutions, information technology, quality assurance, and human resources. Before Aptara, DC was involved in software development. With his thorough understanding and process knowledge about digital content, eBook creation, and overall publishing content solutions, he established strategic plans and developed processes and operational overhauls for Aptara’s clients. A skilled strategist, DC turns blue-sky blueprints into workable solutions, all while meeting pre-established performance benchmarks for key operational goals. DC manages all aspects of Operations, Business Development, Central Quality and Customer Relationship for Aptara.

Prashant Kapoor

CA, CMA, B. Com (H)
Executive Vice President, Finance

Two decades of accounting, finance, and management experience back Prashant’s management of Aptara’s Accounting and Finance Group. He is responsible for international and domestic audits, internal and external reporting, direct and indirect taxes, foreign exchange strategy, and all commercial functions. Upon joining Aptara in 2003, he spearheaded the company’s seamless migration of U.S. accounting and audit functions to India. He has, since, integrated various Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems at the company. Before he joined Aptara, Prashant worked for an eFunds group in the United States, as well as for Tefal India Household Appliances and Allianz Capital and Management Services in India. When he’s not working, Prashant loves to travel with his family.

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