Digital Market Strategy

Planning Website Design And A Digital Market Strategy

It is important to identifying critical components and marketing initiatives at the beginning of the web design process in order to eliminate the need for re-designs. Much time and effort goes into directing an organization’s target audience to the website and it’s critical that their destination supports said marketing objectives.


Scope Management Explained

Scope management ensures a project’s scope is accurately defined and it is primarily concerned with what is and is not part of the scope. Once a project manager has defined these factors within the framework of a project, the scope will be much easier to manage. Staying on top of project scope is critical to success and losing track is one of the biggest mistakes a project manager can make on a job. This article talks about the importance of project scoping and marketing strategy for small businesses.

Importance of Project Scoping for Successful Web Design for Small Businesses in Colombo

In this article:

  • Project scope management 
  • Website design and marketing strategy

Project Scope Management

Developing a project scope is the initial phase of the project planning process. It usually involves drawing up a list of everything needed to create the framework of the project such as project goals, deliverables, functions, features, tasks, costs and deadlines. Spend extra time in the early stages clarifying goals, content strategy and website requirements. The planning phase of a web project cannot be overstated in its importance. The initial website design planning stage sets a tone for scope, vision and procedures that come to completion later in the project. Once the processes are understood, a document must be created to outline the project.

Website Design And Marketing Strategy

Strategise what goals you want your website to achieve in terms of leads, customers and revenue so that you can plan how you will deliver the necessary experience to achieve them. Part of marketing and website design strategy includes creating content that is targeted towards your buyer persona and helps further educate your prospects in the buying process. You might also need to track the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing strategy and website design to measure its effectiveness.