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Tips For Choosing A Web Design Agency For Small Businesses In Colombo

Businesses often release a request for proposal (RFP) when they have already encountered a problem and require an immediate solution. In this case, they want you to respond to their request with a business proposal and tell them how you are going to address their issue. But there is a pitfall: not every response is meant to win.

Tips for Choosing A Web Design Agency For Small Businesses In Colombo

You are not the only company who will send a proposal to the company; therefore you need to make sure your company stands out. Your primary goal is to convince the RFP issuer that you are the best fit for their needs. In order to succeed, your RFP proposal response should be informative, valuable, and transparent. 

Website Design Requirements An A RFP (Request For A Proposal) Response

In this article:

  • Website design requirements every RFP response should include
  • Business Proposal
  • Mirror the RFP’s Structure in The Response
  • Respond on time
  • Understand the Selection Criteria
  • Project Plan
  • Project Schedule/ Timeline
  • Deliverables

Business proposal

You have to respond accordingly to the RFP with a great business proposal. You already know your industry, and you will know right away if you can fulfill the requirements outlined in a given RFP. Once you’ve decided that you can meet the obligations described in the RFP, the challenge becomes convincing the prospective customer that you can deliver what they need. 

Mirror the RFP’s Structure in The Response

Whatever the organization of the RFP is, the proposal should reflect it. It should validate there is a structure to the project management process and that tasks and dates will be well documented.

Respond on time

Getting the RFP in on time also lets the customer know that the agency can complete the project you are vying for in the time frame expected.

Understand the Selection Criteria

Pay careful attention to the selection criteria. Many RFPs will disclose how responses will be “graded.” It is also important to make note of all parts of the business proposal process as outlined in the RFP. 

Project Plan

The RFP response should include a list of project tasks with sufficient details about design, development, and build. 


Stating a budget in your RFP allows agencies to properly evaluate the project scope and do a cost-benefit analysis. The RFP response should also pay attention to your budget limitations.

Project Schedule/ Timeline

The website proposal response should include a schedule that corresponds to project milestones.


A deliverables list is important because it confirms what is going to be delivered. The agency should provide a list of what components will be delivered on the site. These could include templates, content migration and plug-ins.