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This article focuses on how Website Builders can help small businesses in Colombo to create their website with the right online tools. Recent research suggests that a good website can contribute up to 25% to the growth of a business yet over 59% of small businesses are still without a professional website. Many small businesses tend to think a website is only needed by large companies and the perceived technical difficulty may also be a roadblock to creating a company website. The research conducted by GoDaddy found that most businesses thought they were too small to need a website. Most customers will expect to find your business on the internet. Whether you are selling your products online or simply want to provide some information about the products your business provide, having a website is almost essential.

Colombo Sri Lanka Website Builders for Small Businesses

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  • Creating a Website
  • What is a Website Builder?
  • Web design agencies for small businesses in Colombo

Creating a Website

It’s a good idea to think about what goals you wish to accomplish with your website before you create your own. Researching your competitors’ websites can help you get a clear idea of what may work best for you. Creating a Website consist of four steps; registering your domain name, finding a web hosting company, preparing your content and finally building your Website.

What is a Website Builder?

Consider what information your customers will want and make sure the site is structured to make it accessible to them. Just as you might hire a professional to create your Website, you might also want to consider hiring a Web design agency to write and structure your content. Having a website that is well designed and easy to use will help your business stand out. Having relevant and appropriate content and images will help customers understand your products and services in detail and will make them feel comfortable with buying from your business.

Web Design Agencies for Small Businesses in Colombo

You can create your own website or have a professional Web design agency build it for you. Having Web design agency build a website for you is a good idea if you are new to online business. A professional web developer can build your site quickly and provide guidance on successful web design. Hiring a professional can be particularly useful if you want to have an online shop or offer other services through your website. You can also optimise your website for mobile use so that that the growing number of people using phones and tablets can access your site while they are out and about.