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The delivery of training content plays a crucial role in its effectiveness and the value it brings to your organization. Aptara understands the significance of seamless content delivery and offers Learning Delivery Services that optimize the presentation and reception of training materials. Our experienced delivery specialists are well-versed in adult learning methodologies, ensuring that your training programs yield maximum results. 

Driving Business Impact 

Aptara’s Learning Delivery Services are designed to customize the presentation and training content delivery to meet the unique needs and expectations of each group. Whether you require a single trainer or a complete team, our delivery specialists respond rapidly, adhere to timelines, and work within your budget. By closely collaborating with our clients, our delivery managers gain insights into their organizational culture and processes, enabling them to adapt their presentations for the most impactful learning experience.

Leveraging Global Access

Aptara’s delivery specialists come from diverse backgrounds, positioning them perfectly for delivering subject-specific courses in E- Learning. We offer highly experienced teams in live instructor-led classroom training and virtual instructor-led training (VILT). Our trainers, facilitators, producers, and training coordinators possess extensive experience in learning delivery and have successfully delivered numerous programs using gamification in eLearning. Key attributes of our delivery specialists include: 

  • Minimum of 10 years experience in the training industry
  • Average of 20 years experience in the training industry
  • Applicable certifications
  • Practical approach bridging theory with “how-to” knowledge.

Optimizing L&D at Scale 

Aptara offers a range of Learning Delivery Services to support your training initiatives: 

  1. Onsite and Virtual Trainers and Facilitators: Our experienced trainers and facilitators are available for both onsite and virtual training sessions, ensuring comprehensive coverage and impactful delivery.
  2. Rollout Support: We provide professional training teams to effectively introduce new software applications, policies, and initiatives, ensuring smooth transitions and user adoption.
  3. Virtual Producers and Training Coordinators: Aptara’s delivery specialists can handle the coordination of complex training sessions, including scheduling, monitoring, and reporting, both in virtual and hybrid environments.
  4. VILT Session Management: Our experts excel in delivering live virtual sessions managed by professionals who oversee technical aspects and ensure a seamless learning experience.
  5. VILT Instructor Facilitation: Aptara’s subject matter experts deliver hands-on instruction to trainees during virtual sessions, providing practical knowledge and expertise.
  6. Train the Trainer: We can assist in training your internal staff to effectively deliver virtual instructor-led training (VILT) sessions, enabling you to scale your training initiatives.

training approach to meet your objectives. Before developing any training program, we work closely with you to understand your goals and objectives. Our trainers engage with your team before the training event to review session objectives and gauge audience expectations, ensuring a positive learning experience for all participants. 

Elevate the impact of your training initiatives through Aptara’s Learning Delivery Services. Our seasoned delivery specialists employ adult learning delivery methods to customize training content delivery, resulting in impactful and tailored learning experiences. From onsite and virtual trainers to comprehensive rollout support and VILT management, we have the expertise to optimize your organization’s learning and development efforts. Partner with Aptara and ensure that your training content is delivered effectively, leaving a lasting positive impact on your learners. 

When you’re developing learning or training content, you’re often focused on the logistics of getting the content into the hands of your employees or clients. But what about the actual delivery of that content? Whether you’re training new employees, helping your team keep their skills up to date, or teaching your clients how to use a new system or platform, the specifics of how that information is presented and received can make a huge difference in how effective it is and how much value it adds to your organization. As a premier Learning and Development company, Aptara has seasoned delivery specialists with experience in adult learning methodologies. When it comes to delivering training programs, our team is proficient and adaptive. Driving Business Impact Our Learning Delivery Services ensure that training content is presented and delivered in a way that’s customized to meet the needs and expectations of every group we work with. Whether you need one trainer or an entire team, Aptara can provide delivery specialists at a rapid response rate, on time, and within a budget. Our delivery specialists work closely with each client to understand their culture and process that enables them to adapt their presentation to each audience for the most impactful experience possible. Leveraging Global Access Aptara’s delivery specialists come with a variety of backgrounds that position them perfectly for the subject matter of each course, as needed. From live instructor-led classroom training and virtual instructor-led training (VILT), we offer highly experienced teams in the industry. Our trainers, facilitators, producers, and training coordinators have extensive experience in every aspect of learning delivery and have delivered thousands of successful programs. They have:
  • A minimum of 10 years experience in the training industry
  • An average of 20 years experience in the training industry
  • Applicable Certifications
  • A practical approach to learning that bridges theory with ‘how-to’ knowledge
  Optimizing L&D at scale Some of the Learning Delivery Services we offer include:
  • Onsite and virtual trainers and facilitators
    • Rollout new software applications, policies, and initiatives with professional training teams
    • Train as many users as you desire with proven results
  • Virtual producers and training coordinators
    • Coordinate complex sessions from scheduling to monitoring to reporting
  • VILT Session Management
    • Deliver live virtual sessions with management professionals
  • VILT Instructor Facilitation
    • Providing trainees with hands-on instruction from Subject Matter Experts
  • Train the Trainer
    • We can help you train your internal staff to deliver VILT sessions
  The Aptara Advantage Our trainers and facilitators are carefully selected to ensure that your objectives are met with the right skills, personality, and approach to training. We work with you to ensure we understand your goals and objectives before we create any training program. Our trainers will always meet with your team prior to any training event to review the objectives of the training session or course and get a sense of the audience’s expectations so your learners leave with a positive experience.

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